Top 5 Reasons To Get Mega888 iOS Download Version

Top 5 Reasons You Should Get Mega888 iOS Download 2022

The 2022 Mega888 iOS download version is available in the market since the beginning of 2022.

Ever since it was launched in the market early this year, it has received great responses from the Mega888 players.

It has also attracted more new players to join as Mega888 members.

If you are looking for a trust-able and exciting online casino platform, the latest Mega888 iOS download version is definitely your best bet.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should get this Mega888 download version.

1) Mega888 iOS Exclusive Free Credits

The first attractive point of this Mega888 iOS download version is the exclusive free credits available.

The Mega888 iOS Free Credit is only available in this iOS version.

Once you have successfully downloaded this version and registered an account in this version, you will be able to claim this free credit.

Then, you can use this free credit to play Mega888 games.

The best part is that there is no expiry date to claim this free credit.

Besides, you are able to claim this free credit more than 1 time.

You just need to fulfill the requirements needed and you can claim this free credit more than 1 time.

However, you are not able to cash out or transfer this free credit to another account.

Another important point is that you can only use this free credit in the Mega888 iOS version.

This free credit is also not applicable in the Mega888 test ID version account.


Exclusive Games In Mega888 iOS Download Version

2) Exclusive Mega888 Games

IF you like to play casino card games, then you should not miss out on the 2022 Mega888 iOS download version.

This latest version comes with exclusive casino card games which are only available in this iOS version.

Whereas if you get the Apk version, you will get to play some exclusive slot games.

The exclusive casino card games in the iOS version are the 7 Stud Poker & Casino War.

These two casino card games are indeed very rare to get on another online casino platform as well.

Besides, these 2 exclusive games have a high game-winning chance for the players as well.

The better part is that you can get the first-timer free credits when you start to play these 2 games.

According to Mega888 officials, they will continue to bring in more exclusive card games to the iOS version.


3) Mega888 iOS Download 2022 Winning Tips Sharing

The third main reason for you to get the Mega888 iOS download version is you can get the winning tips easily.

Basically, there are a few types of winning tips available in this version.

Mini Jackpot

The first type of winning tip is about winning the mini jackpots in slot games.

Generally, the mini jackpots in Mega888 slot games are quite lucrative.

Furthermore, it is easier to hit the mini jackpot compare to the grand jackpot.

Game-Winning Probability

The second type of winning tip is about increasing your game-winning probability.

When you are able to get these tips, you will be able to increase your winning chance in most of the Mega888 games, including slot games and casino card games.

Some effective winning tips can even help you to achieve consistent winning or winning streak in the game.

Hidden Free Credits Claim

The third winning tip you can get as a player is the hidden free credit claim in the app.

As we all know that free credits are very useful in helping us to win more in the game without using our own money.

The more free credits we get, the more we are able to win in the game.

Hence, you should always try your best to claim all the available free credits on the platform.

This includes the hidden free credits.

If you are able to get this kind of tip, it is extremely easy to grab these hidden free credits to become yours.

This is where you can accumulate more free credits in your account and achieve massive winning in the game.

Where To Get These Winning Tips?

There are actually a few reliable sources where you can obtain the winning tips above.

The first source is from Mega888 gameplay videos on Youtube.

In these videos, you will get to learn how the winning tips are being implemented in the games.

In fact, these videos are actually created by professional Mega888 players.

Some of them are the top winners in the Mega888 app.

The second source is from the Mega888 customer service team.

Most of the Mega888 customer service staff know quite a lot about game-winning tips.

You just need to build a good relationship with them.

Then, you are likely able to get these winning tips from them.

Some of the winning tips can even help you to achieve consistent winning easily.

The third source is from other Mega888 iOS players.

If you are a regular player in the Mega888 iOS download version, you will find that some players are quite willing to share and help.

They are always more than happy to share their winning experience and playing tips with the other players.

In fact, most of them are very experienced in online betting and have a fantastic track record.

Therefore, you should always try to know as many players as you can on the platform.


4) High Winning Odds In Mega888 iOS Download 2022 Version

If you compare this version with other online casino platforms or even the Mega888 Apk download version, you will find that the player winning odds are relatively higher.

Generally, the player winning odds in this version ranges from around 40% to 50%.

Whereas, other platforms are offering much lower winning odds for the players.

If you play the slot games in the Mega888 iOS download version, the winning odds are even higher!

Generally, the player winning odds can be more than 50% in the slot games.

Furthermore, if you are equipped with advanced betting skills, your winning odds will increase even more.


5) 1st Class Gaming Security & Anti-Hack System

This is another main reason to get the Mega888 iOS download version.

The Mega888 officials have invested a massive amount of money to build 1st class security and anti-hack system in this version.

It is to ensure that every player’s account data and credit are well protected.

Furthermore, they will undergo regular maintenance and security level upgrade to ensure that the app security system is well maintained.


Mega888 iOS Download vs Mega888 Apk Download

Mega888 iOS Download vs Mega888 Apk Download

If you are new to the 2022 Mega888 download version, you might face a dilemma that which version to download.

The easiest way to decide this is to check which type of mobile device you are using currently.

If you are using iPhone, then you should get the iOS download version.

Whereas the Android phone user can choose to get the Mega888 Apk Download version.

In this section, we will compare these 2 versions based on 2 aspects as followed.

Exclusive Free Credits In Each Version

Both versions do come with their own exclusive free credits.

In fact, the exclusive free credits amount is lucrative which starts from 3 digits.

However, the iOS version exclusive free credits amount is higher compared to the Apk version free credits amount.

Exclusive Games In Each Version

Generally, the Apk version will offer exclusive slot games in the app.

While the iOS version will offer exclusive casino card games in the app.

Depending on which type of casino games you prefer to play, you can choose which version to download accordingly.



Mega888 iOS Download For VIP Player

If you are a VIP player in Mega888, it will be more convenient for you to get the iOS version download.

You do not need to spend time accessing Mega888 websites or the app store to download the app.

You will receive the download link from Mega888 automatically via SMS, Telegram, or Whatsapp.

Then, you can download the iOs version from there immediately.

After downloading, you can even get the VIP free credit right away.

This free credit will be auto-credited to your member account.

You do not need to claim this free credit from the Mega888 customer service team.

After that, you can even access the virtual VIP room to play the VIP exclusive games.

These are just parts of the benefits you will get if you are the Mega888 VIP player.



Does Mega888 Guarantee 100% Winning?

Generally, no online casino platform will guarantee 100% winning in the casino games.

This includes the Mega888 app.

However, the loss risk in the Mega888 app is lower than the loss risk in the share market & Forex investment.

Therefore, you can actually treat playing in Mega888 as a form of investment with low risk.

Furthermore, you will get to enjoy the fantastic gaming experience in the Mega888 games.

Lastly, I would say that in terms of the money you win in the Mega888 app, the sky is the limit if you get to hit the winning streak in the Mega888 games.


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