Tips To Claim Unlimited Mega888 Free Credit RM3

Tips To Claim Unlimited Mega888 Free Credit RM3

If you are a regular Mega888 player, you should familiar with most of the Mega888 free credit promotions.

In fact, Mega888 has distributed RM10,000,000 free credits to the players on a yearly basis. This is no doubt a massive amount compared to other online casino platforms.

These free credits such as the Mega888 Free Credit RM10 promotion have helped many players to achieve their dream-winning goals in the Mega888 app.

Today, we will review more detailed info on one of the hottest free credit promotions on the platform. It is the Mega888 Free Credit RM3 promotion.

This free credit promotion is extremely easy to get using different methods.



How To Claim Unlimited Mega888 Free Credit RM3


If you are a new player in Mega888, you can claim this free credit immediately after you have successfully registered an account. However, you can only claim this once as a welcome bonus.

Fortunately, there are other methods to claim the Mega888 Free Credit 3 promotion. In fact, some of the methods can provide you unlimited RM3 free credit!


Join Facebook Free Credit Groups

This is one of the easiest methods to get you more RM3 free credit.

There are many Facebook groups where the Mega888 agents will share this promotion inside.

You can join these groups and interact with their free credit promotion posts.

These Mega888 agents are quite active in updating and offering this free credit to the group members.

You just need to follow the post-instruction in order to claim the free credit from them.

This method allows you to claim this free credit as many times as you can.


Monitor Closely On Daily RM3 Free Credit Give Out In Mega888 App

The second method is you can claim this free credit in the app on daily basis.

Mega888 will offer the Free Credit RM3 promotion on a daily basis in the app.

However, this promotion will only be available at a certain time slot every day. The time slot will be different every day as well.

Hence you need to monitor closely on your app on daily basis to ensure you don’t miss it.

Besides, this promotion does have a limited quota on daily basis. It is based on first come first serve.

Hence, you need to monitor the app closely in order to get to claim this free credit every day.


Mega888 Free Credit RM3 Claim From Customer Service

Build Good Rapport With Mega888 Customer Service

This is actually a secret method to allow you to claim this free credit unlimited times.

Generally, the Mega888 customer service has the authority to give out this free credit to the players.

What it takes is just a few buttons of confirmation in front of their laptops.

Therefore, if you manage to build a good rapport with the customer service team, they are very likely to allow you to claim this free credit whenever you need it.

However, this method may not apply to other higher amounts of free credit. This is because they will need to get superior approval for a higher free credit amount given out.

It is even better if you get to build a good rapport with a few customer service staff instead of one customer service staff.

It will help you to get this free credit continuously from a few different sources.


Refer More Friends To Join Mega888

You can get this free credit by referring your friend to join as a Mega888 member.

This is a token of appreciation provided by Mega888 to the players to reward them for recruiting more new members.

The more friends you get to recruit, the more free credits you get to claim in the app.

Furthermore, you may get more than RM3 free credit if you get to recruit a certain number of friends to join as members of the platform.


Become a Mega888 VIP Member

You will get to enjoy unlimited Mega888 free credit RM3 promotion if you are a Mega888 VIP member.

Besides, you also get to claim other types of exclusive free credits when you become a VIP member.

If you are interested to become a VIP member, you can refer to the Mega888 VIP member guides to find out the process and requirements to become a VIP member.

Compared to other methods, this method is more complex and takes a longer time.

Hence, we strongly recommend you try out other methods first before using this method.


Use Mega888 Trick Code

This is a risky method for you to try out. The Mega888 Trick Code app is an app to hack the Mega888 free credit.

If the app successfully works on your Mega888 account, you will get the unlimited RM3 free credit at any time.

However, there is always a risk in using this hack app.

One of the main risks is that your account may get banned when the Mega888 officials find out you using this app in your account.

The worse part is that the account banned is a permanent banned. All your credits inside the account will be confiscated.

Hence, you may try it at your own risk if all the methods above don’t work.


Mega888 Free Credit Bring Winning Luck

Mega888 Free Credit RM3 Brings Better Luck & Higher Winning Odds In The Game

This news is being widely spread by the players who used these free credits to play the game before.

Many of them claimed that using this free credit to play in the game can win easier compared to normal situations.

This is also what makes this free credit promotion so highly sought after among the Mega888 players.

In fact, there are some specific games that can be won easily by using this free credit. These games are as follows:


  • Wu Kong
  • Snow World
  • Lucky Neko
  • Ocean King
  • Steam Tower



Will Mega888 Free Credit RM3 Get Expired?

The answer is no. There is no expiry date on this free credit once you claimed it to your account.

However, you are unable to cash out this free credit or transfer it to another account.

You can only use this free credit to play any Mega888 games at any time.



Benefits Of Playing Mega888 With Free Credit


  • Able To Win More In The Game

When you have more free credits in your account, you will have more credits to bet in the game without using your own money.

This will help you to win more in the game by increasing your betting amount in the game.

In fact, many players have utilized the free credits to help them achieve massive winning in the game.

It is a great tip to earn fast money without needing to invest a huge amount of your own money.


  • Higher Chance To Win Jackpot

When you have more free credits in your account, you can utilize them to get more free spins in the slot game.

With more free spins you get in the slot game, you will stand a higher chance to win the slot game jackpot.

Even though the Mega888 grand jackpot is difficult to win, it is a different case when comes to mini jackpots.

Mini jackpots are easier to win by using more free spins in the game.

Moreover, these mini jackpot amounts are quite attractive as well. They can go up to 5 figures!


  • Less Burden On Your Financial

If you have limited betting funds to play in the Mega888 game, then using free credits to play is one of the best solutions for you.

If you are a new player in the app, you are also able to claim the Mega888 free credit for new members.

What’s better than being able to win money in the casino games without using your own money?

Hence, do not underestimate the effect of free credits on your game-winning journey.




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