All About Mega888 Games You Need To Know

Mobile games’ popularity has increased a lot in recent years.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, playing mobile games has become a favorite pastime activity for many of us.

There are many types of mobile games available in the market nowadays.

The good thing is most mobile games are free to download & play. Among so many mobile games, Mega888 is definitely one of the most sought-after games.

The Mega888 games have attracted a lot of Malaysia & South East Asia players play.

Now let us unveil all the important info about Mega888 games.


Who Is The Developer Of Mega888 Games

If you have played Mega888 before, you will know that Mega888 is extremely famous for slot games.

As a top-notch online casino brand in Malaysia, Mega888 actually does not develop the games by itself.

Most of the Mega888 games are actually developed by Playtech, a gambling software development company.

They are the ones who create most of the Mega888 Games and sell the game licenses to Mega888.

It is also a public listed company in London. Playtech has over 20 years plus of experience in the online game development industry.

Most of the games they created are quality guaranteed.

Besides, download Mega888 app can give you plenty of extra benefits.


Types Of Mega888 Games

As one of the top online casino brands in the Asia market, Mega888 offers a huge variety of casino games. Other than the famous Mega888 slot game category, you can also find the following casino games categories in Mega888:

  • Live Casino: Live Poker Room, Live Mahjong Room & etc.
  • Online Sports Bet: Football, Basketball, Horse Racing Bet & etc.
  • Scratch Games: Scratch Fruit, Santa Scratch & etc.
  • Virtual Card Games: Blackjack, Baccarat, Solitaire & etc.

The huge variety of games in Mega888 is one of the strong attractions to the players.

Whether you are a skilled gambler or a casual gambler, you can easily get your preferred game in the app.

Furthermore, the Mega888 app does provide all game tutorials for you.

Winning Games

Why Mega888 Games Are Attractive?

Mega888 is the rising star in mobile casino platforms in Malaysia & is showing no signs of slowing down.

Other than huge game variety selections, there are other amazing attractions & offers by this app.

Advance & Tight Security System

Mega888 has paid up a huge investment in the platform security system upgrade.

This shows that the company prioritizes a lot of the players’ accounts & fund security.

It is one of the 100% trusted online casino platforms in Malaysia.

From the app launched to the market until now, there were 0 app security cases reported.

You can play worry-free knowing your fund in the account is secured.

Incredible Bonuses & Promotions

Believe it or not, Mega888 has been offering tonnes of bonuses & promotions to the players ever since it launched in the market.

The bonuses & promotions have helped many players to get more winnings easily in a short time.

Some of the promotions are offered in a more personalized way to make players feel appreciated.

Here are some of the list bonuses & promotions you can get easily:

  • Welcome Bonus

Once you registered an account on the platform, you can redeem this bonus right away.

Just contact customer service and provide your account ID to them.

Within 1 hour, you will get this bonus immediately.

Do keep in mind that you need to at least place a minimum deposit (Starting from RM10) in your account first before can claim this bonus.

  • Member Birthday Bonus

Do forget to claim this bonus during your birthday! From what I have heard, this bonus amount is pretty lucrative.

Another good news about this bonus is that you do not need to place any deposit at all to get this bonus.

Recently, the app has even randomly offered free bonuses to VIP members for the members’ partner birthday occasions.

  • Festive Season Free Credits

During festive seasons such as Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, Christmas & etc, Mega888 does give out free credits to active members.

Sometimes, the free credits are given out on a mini-game playing basis.

If you are lucky enough, you can get more free credits compared to others.

The famous mini-games include Ang Pau Scratch, Ketupat Unwrap & others.

  • Member Referral Bonus

If you refer your friend to join as a Mega888 member, you will entitle to a member referral bonus.

However, you need to meet some criteria in order to claim this bonus:

> Your friend must successfully register an official account

> He must place a certain amount of deposit & start to play at least one round of the game

> His account cannot be banned within 3 months period time

  • VIP Member Bonus

To get this bonus, you need to become a VIP member first. Here are some of the requirements to become a Mega888 VIP member:

> First deposit must be at least RM1,000 and above

> Monthly turnover must be RM10,000 and above for consecutively 3 months

> Account remains active for 6 consecutive months

Once you achieve all 3 requirements above, you will become a VIP member automatically.

The VIP member bonus will be straight away credited to your account.

Once you become a VIP member, you can actually get to enjoy more exclusive bonuses & promotions.

Safe & Fast Transaction & Withdrawal

To ensure a fast & safe transaction experience, Mega888 provides the members with 24 hours & 7 days a week customer service support.

Usually, all transactions & withdrawals can be completed within 1 hour.

The e-wallet feature in the app also helped to smooth and expedite the transaction process.

If you face any issues in the transaction process, there are multiple contact points for you to reach them as well

The most efficient contact point is to reach customer support thru Live Chat.

Other than that, you can also contact the team thru Whatsapp, Telegram, or WeChat.

Mega888 Best Games 2022

Best Mega888 Games In 2022

With tonnes of games available in the app, we have selected a few hottest Mega888 games in 2022 for you to explore further.

These games are either comes with high winning payouts or offer amazing gameplay experience for the players,

  • Great Blue

Great Blue Slot Game,  is one of the top slot games on the Mega888 platform.

This slot game is the most classic and signature slot game in the app.

It has an eye-catching blue logo, which is represented by killer whales.

This slot game has been famed for high progressive jackpot winnings.

There are rumors that some Mega888 members have become millionaires because of achieving consistent jackpot winnings in the Great Blue slot.

  • 5 Fortune

5 Fortune slot is the best bet for beginners to play.

Furthermore, it is one of the top games with the highest winning payouts.

This slot game is a slow-pace slot game to allows you to learn the game mechanics easily.

It comes with 15 pay lines and an adjustable denomination. You will get a free spin after each round of the game if you have mastered the entire gameplay.

  • Da Sheng Nao Hai

For fishing game lovers, this is the ideal game for you.

It is one of the most famous fishing games of all time. This fishing game also comes with cool music & interactive game visuals.

Once you are in the game, it’s very hard for you to quit the game in a short time.

It is also highly recommended because of its high payouts & secret surprise bonuses.

  • Aladdin Wishes

If you are a fan of Disney stories, you should not miss this game at all.

It showcases cute genies, colorful flying carpets & other interesting characters which appeared in the Disney Aladdin movie.

Highly recommended for those who love mystical & fantasy stories.

This game also offers high winning chances to the players.

Any beginners stand a fair chance to win in this game without any practice required.


Can Test Mega888 Games For Free?

The answer is “YES”! Aside from getting a full game tutorial guide in-app, you can also use the Mega888 test ID account to practice playing for free.

This is an initiative from Mega8888 company for beginner players.

Besides, some veteran players often use this account as a practice platform to increase their winning odds and techniques.

The credits in the Mega888 test ID account are unlimited.

If you are interested to get yours, do refer to the complete guide for Mega888 test ID download & registration.

Mega888 Tips 2022

Tips To Increase Winning Chances In Mega888 Games

Pick The Right Game For You

Everyone has his own strength and talent when it comes to online gambling.

Because you will spend a significant amount of time in a game, you should choose a game with which you are good in.

There are a few factors when comes to choosing the right game, as listed below:

> Game Theme

> Game Mechanics

> Multiplayer Or Single Player

> Your Skill & Knowledge In The Game

> Game Winning Odds

Switch To Different Game When Having Losing Streak

When you have a losing streak in one game, be firm to switch to another game immediately.

There are a few important logic behind this approach.

The very first point is that you can cut loss immediately.

This allows you to preserve some funds to continue on your winning journey.

The second thing is that your winning odds in the current game are definitely unfavorable to you.

As you switch to different games, you will get different winning odds in another game.

The third point is more on the psychological side.

When switching to a different game, you will get a chance for a short break to refresh your mind & concentration.

This will help you to play better in another game.

Practice Makes Perfect

In order to increase your winning chances consistently, you need to practice the game on regular basis.

With the Mega888 test ID account, you can practice any game without any monetary cost required.

Consistent game practice can actually build up your concentration in game-playing and gaming techniques.

Many veteran players have actually increased their game-winning chances by 10% to 15% by practicing regularly.

Diversify Your Risk By Allocating Your Fund To Different Games

This is the same theory as an investment.

As there are so many types of Mega888 games available, always allocate different funds to different games.

By doing so, your risk of loss in Mega888 game will be diversified, and winning chances will become higher in the opposite.

Tournament 2022

Mega888 Games Tournament

In the year 2021, the Mega888 official site actually organized an online casino tournament.

This tournament was open to all Mega888 members.

The tournament games included live poker, live blackjack & some famous slot games.

With more than RM1,000,000 tournament prizes, it has attracted 50% of the members to participate in it.

The tournament objective was to bring the members together and foster the member community.

With the overwhelming response in 2021, we foresee that the tournament will be available again in 2022.


Can I hack into Mega888 Games?

With the implementation of an advanced security system in the app, it is almost impossible to hack the Mega888 app.

Be it in the android version or iOS version, the gaming system is highly secured and protected.

In fact, there is a Mega888 hacked version available in the market.

Rumors are being spread that the hacked version comes with more game options & higher winning chances in games.

You may try at your own risk.


Is Mega888 Legal In Malaysia

Is Mega888 Games Legal In The Market?

So far in most of the South East Asia countries, Mega888 is classified as a legal online casino platform in the respective markets.

In Malaysia, there are still no clear laws & regulations that Mega888 is banned completely in the market.

In fact, the market has a lot of Mega888 pirated versions.

These pirated versions have received many complaints from the players on game stability & account security issues.

Hence, if you want to try out the Mega888 games, your best bet will be trying in the original version.

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