Mega888 Free Download 2022

2022 Mega888 Free Download Games & Free Bonus Claim Guide

When comes to online casino apps, players will always go for free download online casino apps.

Apparently, not all online casino apps come with free downloads.

Among the top free download online casino app, Mega888 free download app is one of the most sought-after apps.

It has been in the Malaysian market for more than 10 years.

The app was launched in a free download version and still remains the same now.

Basically, you do not need to pay a single cent to download the Mega888 app and register a member account in the app.


Mega888 Free Download Guide

Mega888 Free Download Guide

The Mega888 free download guide is extremely easy to follow and implement.

There are two ways to get this free online casino app.


Mega888 Authorized Website

The first way to download the Mega888 is through Mega888 authorized websites.

All the Mega888 authorized websites do offer the Mega888 app download for free.

Once you are on the website, just choose which version of the app you need to download from there.

There are 3 versions of the app in total:

  • iOS Version: For all iOS device
  • Apk Version: For all Android device
  • Windows Version: For desktop and laptop

You need to choose the right version of the app which is compatible with your device.

If you choose the wrong version, you will be unable to complete the download process.


Mobile Device App Marketplace

The second method is even way more easier and convenient.

If you are going to use your mobile device to download the app, just go to your app marketplace to install the app.

In this way, you will not have to worry that you will download the wrong version.

You can only find Mega888 apk in the Google Play Store, while only Mega888 iOS is available in the App Store.

Once you have downloaded the app, you can proceed immediately to register a new account with the app.

Advantages Of Download Mega888 App In App Marketplace

There are a few advantages if you use the second method to download the Mega888 app.

Firstly, this method is much faster and easier.

You do not need to waste time searching for authorized websites on Google.

Secondly, you will not get to download the fake version of Mega888.

As there are many fake versions of Mega888 online, you may not be able to identify whether the website is a Mega888 authorized website.

Whereas, in app marketplace, only the original and official Mega888 app will be available for download in it.

Thirdly, you will get to download the latest version of the Mega888 app in the app marketplace.

Generally, the Mega888 app in the app marketplace is always updated to the latest version.


Mega888 Free Download Slot Game

The Best Mega888 Free Download Games

Once you have a Mega888 member account, you will get to view all the Mega888 games for free.

If you are a new player, which are the best games in this Mega888 free download app to start playing with?

Based on the majority of feedback from the regular Mega888 players, there are 3 best slot games to play on the platform.

  • Steam Tower Slot

In terms of looks, the Steam Tower slot definitely looks very nice and does a good job taking you on a journey to a 19th-century Victorian era and industrial theme.

The overall look reminds us of the classic fairy tale story where the princess needs to be rescued.

It offers several reel symbols with harpoon symbols, dragon eye, princess, and Steam tower in every spin.

These symbols look very appropriate and fit nicely in this game.


  • Highway Kings Slot

Highway Kings sounds like an 80s road Hollywood movie, but in fact, it’s the name of a 5-reel video slot.

If you’re ready to hit the road and win some cash playing the pokies, Highway Kings is a good place to start with.

The road-themed casino game is characterized by simple animative graphics but a refreshing absence of playing card symbols.

There are also scatter and wild symbols to look out for, getting them will multiply your winnings significantly.


  • Fortune Panda Slot

Pandas are probably among the most precious and popular animals in zoos around the world.

They are emblematic of the Chinese wildlife and honestly, who can resist these giant black and white, bamboo-eating teddy bears?

This video slot game is indeed all about this cute creature and the bamboo forest theme.

Players get a chance to enjoy the company of cute pandas and win big in this slot game.


Mega888 Free Bonus Claim Guide

There are many types of Mega888 free bonuses for claims.

Once you become a registered Mega888 member, you will be eligible to claim all these free bonuses in the app.

Among so many types of Mega888 free bonuses, we will share a few types of the most popular bonus and the methods to claim them.

  • Welcome Bonus Guide

This is the very first bonus you can claim on the platform once you become a Mega888 member.

Once you successfully registered a new account, you can claim this free bonus.

Basically, you just need to contact the Mega888 customer service or agent to claim this bonus.

You need to provide your new account info to them and they will verify your detail from there.

Once the verification is passed, the free bonus will be credited to your member account immediately.

Each new member account can only be claimed for 1 time.

Besides, you are not able to cash out the bonus or transfer the bonus to another member’s account.

You can only use this bonus to play all Mega888 games in your member account.

  • Referral Bonus Guide

The second attractive Mega888 bonus is the Referral Bonus.

You will be eligible to claim this bonus once you have brought in a new player to join as a Mega888 member.

Basically, the new player needs to successfully register a member account in Mega888 and place an initial deposit in the account.

After that, the new player will need to key in your referral code and submit it to Mega888 customer service.

Then Mega888 customer service will credit the bonus to your game account directly.

There is no limit on this free bonus claim.

The more new players you recruit, the more free bonus you can claim.

Furthermore, you do not need to place any deposit to claim this free bonus.

  • Birthday Bonus Guide

You can claim this free bonus on your birthday.

On your birthday, you will receive an SMS message from Mega888 for you to claim this bonus.

You need to click on the SMS link to get the free bonus claim code.

Then, you need to submit the claim code to the Mega888 customer service.

This free bonus amount normally starts from 3 digits.

If you are a VIP member, you will get 4 digits free bonus amount!

Please take note that you can only claim this free bonus on your actual birthday.

  • Year-End Bonus Guide

This free bonus is available for all Mega888 members to claim at the end of every year.

The claim date falls on every 31st December every year.

Every member can only claim once in their member account.

This free bonus comes with a fixed quota and claims on a first come first serve basis.

So you better act fast when this free bonus is available for claim.


Mega888 Free Download Problems & Solutions

Mega888 Free Download Problems & Solutions

In this section, we will compile all the common problems in Mega888 free download process and share out the effective solutions to solve these problems.

Just follow the full solution steps and you will never go wrong on that.


Unable To Download The App

This problem is very common among the new players who wish to join the platform.

When you are unable to download the app on your mobile phone, it is mainly due to insufficient memory space in your phone.


You need to clear up some memory spaces in your mobile device if you are unable to complete the app download.

The Mega888 app takes around 500MB of memory space.

It is advisable to have at least 1GB of free memory space on your mobile device before you download the app.

This is because the app will eat up more space at the later stage to store your game account data and record.


Unable To Open The App After Finish Downloading

This is the second common issue faced by most of the Mega888 players.

You will encounter a “black screen” issue after you click on the Mega888 app on your mobile phone.

The root cause of this is you already have a Mega888 app on your mobile device.

Generally, your mobile phone shall not have two Mega888 apps in it.


The solution here is pretty straightforward. Just delete the previous Mega888 app and restart your mobile device.

Then, you are good to go to open your latest Mega888 app.


Quit Game Automatically During Gameplay

This issue is very annoying for most of the players.

Imagine when you are enjoying a winning streak in the game, then it quits automatically from the game and goes back to your home screen.

The main root cause of this is an unstable internet connection.


When you play in the Mega888 app, do ensure that you are connected to a stable internet connection.

It is not advisable to play the app with a weak internet connection.



The Best Mega888 Free Download Version

As mentioned above, there are 3 types of Mega888 versions for download for all players.

The best Mega888 version currently is the Mega888 iOS version.

Why Mega888 iOS Is The Best Version?

Higher Amount Of Exclusive Free Credits

All iOS version players are eligible to claim an exclusive free credit which is only available in the Mega888 iOS version.

Compared to the other 2 exclusive free credits in the other 2 versions, the amount of Mega888 iOS exclusive free credit is relatively higher.

Faster In Credit Withdrawal & Deposit Process

The second factor is that the Mega888 iOS version offers faster processing time in the credit withdrawal and deposit process.

Generally, it takes less than 5 minutes to get a credit withdrawal or deposit process done in an iOS version account.

This has given the iOS players a greater convenience in managing their betting fund.

Less Down Time In App

As Mega888 prioritizes a lot of app features and security, the app will undergo maintenance on a frequent basis.

This may cause the app to have downtime during the maintenance period.

For the iOS version, the downtime frequency is generally lesser compared to the other 2 versions.



Mega888 Free Download App FAQ

Can I Have More Than 1 Account In Mega888 Free Download App

Yes, you can, however, you will need to seek approval from the Mega888 customer service team.

When you plan to register a second account in the app, you will need to apply manually through the customer service team.

Besides, you will need to provide a valid reason to the customer service team for opening a second account.


Do Mega888 Free Download Games Have Multi-Player Games?

Yes, there are plenty of multi-player games available on the platform.

Some of the multi-player games are Sicbo, Blackjack, Texas Poker &, etc.

You will get to play these games together with other Mega888 players.


Is Mega888 Test ID Account a Mega888 Free Download Account?

Mega888 Test ID account is part of a Mega888 free download account.

The test id account is actually a free demo account from Mega888.

This free demo account is available in Mega888 Android and iOS versions.

Generally, you will be able to get this account for free after you become a registered Mega888 member.

You can play any Mega888 games for free on this account.










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